Goals and Objectives

Dundee Acquisition is a recently formed SPAC that is seeking to effect a merger or acquisition with one or more businesses.

Our efforts to identify a target business will not be limited to a particular industry or geographic region, although we intend to focus our search for target businesses that operate in North America, and more specifically, Canada. Our management team intends to focus primarily on acquiring established companies that we believe are fundamentally sound and not start-up companies with speculative business plans or excessive leverage. We intend to focus primarily on acquiring companies with an enterprise value between C$200 and C$800 million.

We will seek to capitalize on the global network and investing and operating experience of our management team and sponsor to identify an acquisition candidate, negotiate an attractive business combination and, following the qualifying acquisition, implement or support the acquired company’s operating strategies in order to generate additional long-term value for all shareholders.

We intend to employ a pro-active acquisition targeting strategy that identifies potential acquisition candidates that match-up with management’s value-oriented investment philosophy.

Targeted Investment Criteria:

We have identified the following general criteria and guidelines that we believe are important in evaluating prospective target businesses:

  • Middle market business
  • Established companies with proven track records
  • Strong and experienced management teams
  • Strong free cash flow generation
  • Attractive return on investment relative to risk profile
  • Opportunities for platform growth
  • Strong anticipated public market support
  • Hidden intrinsic value
  • Recent underperformance relative to capabilities
  • Strong competitive industry position
  • Revenues and Earnings Growth
  • Benefits from being a public company

Management believes that we are particularly well positioned because of the following:

  • Our status as a public company
  • Our financial position and transaction flexibility
  • Dundee Corporation's sponsorship
  • Our access to Dundee Corporation and its affiliates network of business professionals
  • Our Management experience and acquisition sourcing; and
  • Our Focus on Canada

We will use these criteria and guidelines in evaluating acquisition opportunities, but we may decide to enter into our qualifying acquisition with a target business that does not meet these criteria and guidelines. These criteria are not intended to be exhaustive, and may not apply in all cases.